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“At Celonis one of our biggest challenges is the pace at which we are growing. We need to make sure to hire the best talent out there - ideally as fast as possible. HiPeople helps us to improve our hiring quality in an efficient way by automating the whole reference check process. We are now able to collect way more references and this basically happens in lightspeed. Because of HiPeople we now gain more insights on our candidates than ever before.”
Anouk Fechner
Global Talent Acquisition Enablement Lead at Celonis
“HiPeople supports us with automated reference checks on scale, and enables us to make more informed hiring & admission decisions without increasing effort or workload for the team”
Philipp Herkelmann
General Manager of Entrepreneur First Germany
“We utilise HiPeople as a critical component to execute hiring future talent at Celonis. We love the product’s UX, and integrability with Greenhouse. Every new Celonaut is reviewed by former colleagues using HiPeople, it is now considered a valuable and essential part of our recruiting process.”
Kevin Blair
VP Global Talent Acquisition at Celonis SE
former VP Global Talent Acquisition at IBM
“HiPeople gives a headstart on knowing how to manage and develop a new hire successfully. When hiring, it’s easy to talk yourself out of any process in the interest of speed — but HiPeople delivers real value quickly, and that’s what makes it useful. HiPeople is an objective counterpoint that serves to flag any biases in the hiring process”
Martin Janse van Rensburg
People Operations at Prisma
“Growing a global team comes with its own unique challenges. We at Staffbase have experienced this many times in the past years. With HiPeople we are now able to bridge the information gap that remote hiring creates, and use the 360 insights and in-depth data for better hiring decisions. On top of that HiPeople enables us to do this efficiently by automating manual steps.”
Fabian Liebig
VP Marketing at Staffbase
Save 240 min. per candidate
On average our users collect 6 references per candidate, in only 3 days — and reduce the time spent per candidate by 240 minutes.
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Make informed hiring decisions
Reduce your time-to-hire
Eliminate recruitment biases

How it works

And how we envision hiring should look like.

Choose what you need to learn about a candidate, and who you need to learn it from.

Our modular content library makes it easy to get to the bottom of how well the candidates fits to the job. We researched decades of research, so you can focus on what matters!


Gather references in no time, with a great user experience for both candidates and their referees.

We’ll verify the feedback, while automating the whole process for you. Relax, and let us handle the admin.


Learn more about your candidates’ working style, and the environment they need to perform at their best.

Strengths, collaboration style, areas for improvement — our role-based reference templates will give you the insights you need to hire successfully.


Automated data collection and analysis
GDPR compliant
Privacy by design
ATS integration
Automated reminders for reference givers