Hire with Confidence Using HiPeople Assessments

✔ Use skills assessments to predict your candidate’s job fit
✔ Gather automated assessments in countless areas
✔ Eliminate recruitment bias with psychometric assessments
✔ Ensure positive candidate experience with best-in-class UX

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About HiPeople Assessments

Gather automated, 360 Talent Insights on your candidates before hiring them. HiPeople Assessments makes it fast and easy for you to assess job fit, all while reducing bias and admin in the process.
Make data-driven decisions using our Assessment Library with countless modules including: Grit, Stress Tolerance, Analytical Thinking, Teamwork Orientation, Reliability, Relationship Building, Creativity, Attention to Detail, Patience – and many more.

Assessments Library

A wide range of Assessments available, applicable for any job role.

Scientific validation

Research-based predictive evidence of workplace performance is at the basis of HiPeople Assessment – ensuring psychometric evaluation.

Bias Reduction & DEI

Assessments treat all applicants equally and are screened for adverse impact.

Best-in-class user experience

With each Assessment taking less than two minutes to answer via a clean interface, HiPeople ensures a fast and excellent user experience.
What our customers say...
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In-depth insights into our candidate's work style, values, and areas of improvement.
With HiPeople'a automated reference checks we can make confident hiring decisions at scale. It is a game changer in our business.
Anouk Fechner
Global Head of Talent Enablement
HiPeople helps us to master critical KPIs to prove our value add to the business.
We make better selection and hiring decision based on HiPeople‘s hiring intelligence platform. HiPeople is an enhancement of your ATS.
Matthias Schmeißer
Global Director, Talent Acquisition
HiPeople enables us at IntelyCare to always hire the best talent: compliant and at scale!
Running compliant recruiting processes is a must in healthcare, but becomes increasingly complex when you process +40,000 applicants per year as we do.
Larry DeHoyos
Director of Credentialing
HiPeople makes our reference check process easy, automated and data-driven.
Reference checks and assessments are now automated and compliant with insightful feedback with just a click of a button!
Tony Le
Sr. Director, Global Talent Acquisition
Automating parts of our recruiting process with HiPeople has been key for us.
The time and energy we saved allowed us to focus direct quality time with our candidates in other steps of our processes.
Timothee Laurent
Global Talent Acquisition Manager
Increasing quality of hire - for our TA-team this is not just a phrase, but a goal.
Through the collaboration with HiPeople we were not only able to validate the selected candidates along our recruitment processes and increase culture & value fit - but also improved Hiring Manager satisfaction and engagement.
Christin Glaeser-Seidel
Head of Talent Acquisition
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