Your Ultimate Guide to Reference Checks

Learn about:
✔ The benefits of reference checks and how to conduct one
✔ How to efficiently collect candidate refences
✔ How to collect legal, compliant and fair references
✔ Asking the right role-based reference check questions


About HiPeople

HiPeople is the scientific and automated way to collect verified, 360 feedback on your top candidates. Identify their strengths, working styles and development areas before you hire. All while reducing admin and bias in the recruitment process

Hire 50% more high performers

HiPeople’s 360 reference insights surface the candidates with the right skills to succeed in your business.

Reduce ramp time by 33%

Understand what your new hires need to perform at their best, and provide tailored onboarding support.

Improve first-year retention by 45%

Hire with confidence, secure long-term talent, and reduce future recruitment costs.

Improve diversity of hires by 28%

Our scientific reference questions provide objective insights, helping you to identify and eliminate sources of bias from your hiring process.
What our customers say...
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HiPeople helps us with hiring the best talent at scale.
We now make more objective and data-driven hiring decisions, improve our quality of hire and time-to-hire.
Michael Becher
Chief People Officer
HiPeople will revolutionize the HR tech scene, and it will be a game-changer in our business.
Now, we get in-depth insights into candidates’ work styles, work values, and areas for development opportunity. Because HiPeople’s insights are standardized and scientific, we can be smart about how we use them, and confident about the decisions they’re informing. ‍HiPeople really helps to reduce hiring bias.
Anouk Fechner
Global Talent Acquisition Enablement Lead
We offer the HiPeople platform to everyone from the beginning of the hiring process to avoid delays.
We now have a great new partner to help us make data-based, unbiased decisions when it comes to reference checks. I am super happy to work together and to be able to work faster.
Diana Doege
Team Lead Talent Acquisition
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