The Future of Recruitment, in the Words of the Experts

Learn about:
✔ Hidden biases in candidate sourcing
✔ Modern approaches to the traditional hiring ‘funnel’
✔ The rise of candidate experience (and how to deliver it)
✔ The next big developments in recruitment tech

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About HiPeople

HiPeople is the scientific and automated way to collect verified, 360 feedback on your top candidates. Identify their strengths, working styles and development areas before you hire. All while reducing admin and bias in the recruitment process

Hire 50% more high performers

HiPeople’s 360 reference insights surface the candidates with the right skills to succeed in your business.

Reduce ramp time by 33%

Understand what your new hires need to perform at their best, and provide tailored onboarding support.

Improve first-year retention by 45%

Hire with confidence, secure long-term talent, and reduce future recruitment costs.

Improve diversity of hires by 28%

Our scientific reference questions provide objective insights, helping you to identify and eliminate sources of bias from your hiring process.

What our customers say..

Fabian Liebig
VP Marketing at Staffbase
“Growing a global team comes with its own unique challenges. We at Staffbase have experienced this many times in the past years. With HiPeople we are now able to bridge the information gap that remote hiring creates, and use the 360 insights and in-depth data for better hiring decisions. On top of that HiPeople enables us to do this efficiently by automating manual steps.”
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