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Reference Checks
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In what context did the reference giver and the candidate work together? Was it a small start-up or a large company? Did they work closely together in this context? These questions may be difficult to answer within the recruiting process. For instance, a company that was a small start-up back then may be a large company today. Our pre-defined contextual questions are designed to help you find out what the working context of the candidate and reference giver was like.

--> Contextual questions are simple in nature, but will help you to better evaluate the origin of your references and the candidate's background.

This module consists of five domains:

Collaboration Frequency

How often have the candidate and the reference giver worked together? This information could help determine how close the relationship between the reference giver and the candidate might have been.

Company Stage

What stage was the company in when the candidate worked with the reference giver? Was it a founder-driven start-up or an established and mature organization? This question can help you if you are unsure about the general phase the company was in when the reference giver and candidate worked together.

Team Size

How big was the team, the candidate worked in when working in that organization? Learn more about the size of the teams in which the candidate has worked in the past.

Company Size

How large was the company at the time of the collaboration between the candidate and the reference provider? Was it a large company or a small company? Learn more about how experienced the candidate is in working for different sizes of companies.

Relationship Description

The typical ice-breaker question of many reference checks, which brings many insights. How do the candidate and the reference know each other?

For what kind of job roles should I use this assessment?

Any role that involves a need to know how the candidates works with other team members. This may include but not limited to job roles like human resource management, staffing and recruiting as well as job roles in marketing or consulting.

When to use this module?

Reference checks can function as a screening tool at the beginning of a hiring process or in a more advanced context where you want to verify the first impression of your candidate.

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