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Reasons for Leaving

Reference Checks
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During the selection process, have you ever wondered why a candidate left previous companies? Gather that exact insight by using the Reasons for Leaving question.

Studies emphasize that the reasons employees leave companies are often similar. Using this work as a foundation, we have the following 13 reasons that reference providers can choose from. Multiple reasons can be chosen. If a reference giver chooses the "Other reasons" or "Was terminated" option we will follow follow-up and ask for more information!

This is how the reasons for leaving question looks like for the reference giver

For what kind of job roles should I use this assessment?

Any role where you want to know something about the former reasons for leaving for the candidate. This may include include but not limited to job roles in education, customer service representatives and child-care workers.

When to use this module?

Reference checks can function as a screening tool at the beginning of a hiring process or in a more advanced context where you want to verify the first impression of your candidate.

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