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Capacity for Consistency

Soft Skills
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The Capacity for Consistency Test is meant to measure job candidates' ability to perform tasks that are routine or repetitive. The test consists of a series of questions that ask candidates to self-evaluate their ability to repeat a task consistently, follow a consistent routine, and do the same task over and over again.

About the HiPeople Capacity for Consistency Test

The Capacity for Consistency Test at a Glance

When to use: This test can be used at any stage of the hiring process but may be most relevant in an early stage when getting to know the candidate.

Example question : Candidates rate how well they can perform a set of activities on a scale from one to seven. This is an example of an activity: "Repeat a task consistently".

Response time: 2 minutes.

Result: An easy-to-interpret score that is benchmarked against hundreds of other candidates!

The Science Behind the Capacity for Consistency Test

The Capacity for Consistency Test is a measure of an individual's ability to maintain consistent performance across different situations. The test was originally developed as part of the Behavioral, Emotional, and Social Skills Inventory (BESSI), which is a comprehensive assessment of an individual's soft skills. The BESSI was developed by leading personality researchers Christopher Soto and Brent Roberts, and it has been shown to predict important life outcomes.

The The Capacity for Consistency Test is a reliable and valid tool, with strong evidence for its predictive validity.

If you are interested in the science behind the BESSI, start with this scientific publication.

Qualities of a Candidate With High Capacity for Consistency Test Scores

If you're looking for an employee who is reliable and consistent, someone who scores high on the Capacity for Consistency Test may be a good fit. This individual typically succeeds at tasks that are repetitive or routine in nature. They're able to keep doing a task even if it's boring, and they follow a consistent routine. If your company is in need of an individual who can perform the same task over and over again flawlessly, someone with a high capacity for consistency would likely be successful in that role.

Optimal Roles for a High-Scoring Candidate

  • Data Entry Clerk. Data entry clerks input data into computer systems using a keyboard. They need to be great at repeating a task consistently because they often have to input the same type of data over and over again.
  • Office Cleaner. Office cleaners clean office buildings. They need to be great at doing a task, even if it's boring because cleaning is often a repetitive task.
  • Line Cook. Line cooks work in restaurants and prepare food. They need to be great at following a consistent routine because they often have to prepare food in a fast and consistent manner.

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