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Areas of Improvement

Reference Checks
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What are the areas in which the candidate can improve further? We have taken the most critical aspects of job performance (i.e. competences) known in science and poured them into the Areas of Improvement question for you. The question allows you to collect structured answers about the areas a candidate likely wants to develop.

Competencies refer to collections of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that are needed for effective performance. We chose research on job agnostic competencies as guidance and created a list of 14 competencies to ask the reference giver about.

Key competencies

Technical expertise
Attention to detail
Fostering others
Acting with confidence
Relationship building
Coping with pressure
Quick delivery
Displaying vulnerability
Offering ideas
Fast learning
Planning and prioritizing
Solving tricky issues
Openness to opinions

For what kind of job roles should I use this assessment?

Any role that involves to know about areas of improvement of the candidate. This may include but not limited to job roles like personal assistant, public relations specialist, event planner and project manager.

When to use this module?

Reference checks can function as a screening tool at the beginning of a hiring process or in a more advanced context where you want to verify the first impression of your candidate.

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